Smart Sex: Now Available

Free Download, Easily Show Validated STD Results and Stop the Spread of STDs

50% of people with an STD don't know they have one.

We provide the easiest way to talk with a healthcare provider, get tested, share results, and be notified if a person you’ve been with tests positive in the future.

How It Works

Save Time

Speak to a healthcare professional from the comfort of your home, at a time that is convenient

No Stigma

Our sexual health specialists provide judgment free care and advice

Convenient Testing

Get tested at a nearby lab or have a technician come to your home

Electronic Prescriptions

Easily pick up your Rx from your favorite pharmacy

Verified Results

Ability to show STD results and test date securely on your phone

Be Proactive

Receive anonymous notifications if someone you’ve ‘Biem connected’ with tests positive in the next 6 months

Because you have the right to know

Notifying sexual partners about future potential STDs is now automatic

Getting tested for STDs is now more convenient and less awkward

“Asking the question” about STDs and sharing results is now easier

"When it comes to sex, I'm all about being informed and protected, and Biem makes that easy and hassle-free. Be safe with Biem"


Barnard College

"I’m far too lazy/naïve/take my health for granted when it comes to all this. If there’s any pain free, quick fix for someone like me, IT’S THIS. I’m all signed up and ready to grow the heck up and be more transparent."

Chelsea Leigh Trescott

Breakup/Life Coach

"Confidential and easy to use, Biem is the best app to help me be proactive with my sexual health"


New York City

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